Tourist Places in Mussoorie

The places to visit in Mussoorie are numerous. Though this initial attraction of this place was the excellent climate that it offered to the people of the nearby cities and the breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges, several natural and historic spots are prevalent in and around Mussoorie which are a must see for those visiting this hill station.

Tourist Places in Mussoorie Amongst the tourist places in Mussoorie, the most popular are the two highest points which offer breathtaking views of the nearby ranges such as Badrinath, Gangotri and others. Lal Tibba is the foremost hill point which offer spectacular views of the snow clad mountain ranges on a clear day. Though the hill top is reserved for the Indian military, there is a watch tower at the base of the hill from where one can get telescopic views of the surrounding mountains. Gun Hill is the second highest point here. Tourists especially love the thrill of the ropeway ride to this point which offer panoramic views of the mountain ranges. Known to be the point which housed a gun during British times which was fired every day at noon to announce the time, this place no longer holds the historic gun but offers street cafes and souvenir shops for the entertainment of tourists here.

Landour containment area is another must see amongst the tourist places in Mussoorie. This area was originally developed from the time Mussoorie was discovered, to serve as a centre of convalescence for ailing British soldiers. It also became a centre of British leisure life here with clubs, horse polos and other English pastime activities being carried out here. This area also houses the 150 year old Landour bazaar which is a historic landmark in itself and is famous for the silver jewellery shops here. Char Dukaan is a famous shop here where you might stop for breakfast and cold coffee and chance upon the famous author, Ruskin Bond who lives in this town.

Amongst the places of natural beauty, the most popular is the Kempty fall. This waterfall which reaches a height of 40 feet is a cradled amongst hills and used to provide a perfect spot for tea parties during the British times – hence the name Kempty derived from “camp tea”. The Bhatta falls is also another beautiful waterfall in this area. The Company Gardens is a popular tourist spot which contains a man made lake with boating facilities, well maintained garden surroundings in the midst of breathtaking views of the mountain.

Dhanaulti is a place located at a distance of 25 km from Mussoorie which serves as an eco park and trekking site for tourists. The Nag Devta Temple, Surkanda Devi Temple and Bhadraj Temple are local deities who are worshipped here with much reverence.

Thus, the places to see in Mussoorie are diverse and can provide a varied and rich experience for travelers.

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