Sight Seeing in Mussoorie

Are you planning a trip to Mussoorie this summer? Hopefully you have booked your tickets or hotel reservations well in advance since there is heavy rush to this popular hill station during the summer months. This place is ideal for family holidays with the good connectivity of railways, roads and even by air to Dehradun which is the focal point in reaching Mussoorie.

Once you are there, you need to know what are the places to visit in Mussoorie. If you have read and planned in advance, then you can prioritize as per your interests since there are plenty of paces worth sight seeing in Mussoorie.

Sight Seeing in Mussoorie The first point of tourist attraction is the Gun Hill. Located at the second highest point in Mussoorie, this hill housed a gun during British times which used to be fired at mid day every day to allow the residents at Mussoorie to adjust their watches. After the British left India, this gun was silenced and melted to form taps. This hill can be reached by a ropeway of 400m which takes only about four minutes. But on the way the panoramic views of the mountainous countryside is thrilling for most tourists. The way up to Gun hill is a steep, narrow bridle path which again, many hiking tourists prefer to take on by foot.

Kempty Falls is the second most popular tourist spot in this region. Located at a distance of 15 km on the Chakrata road from Mussoorie, this falls offer a breathtaking view. This falls has a height of 40 feet during which it divides into five smaller streams. Discovered by a British officer as a tourist destination around 1835, the name is probably derived from the word “camp tea” since the British used to camp around this area and organize tea parties here. A popular tourist joint now, many small hotels are located in the vicinity of the falls for those who wish to take in the view of the waterfalls more than a couple of hours.

Landour cantonment is one of the oldest places close to Mussoorie which aided much in the development of this town. This cantonment was set up next to this hill resort by the British to avail of the excellent climate here which could help convalescing British soldiers to recover. Located four km from the Mall, this cantonment area is well maintained and free from commercial establishments.

Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie and hence offers breathtaking views, especially of nearby places such as Badrinath, Kedarnath and Banderpunch. Though the hill top is not open to tourists due to the presence of the Indian military, one can view the surrounding mountains at the tower at the edge of the hill top through a telescope located here.

The Mall is a favorite place for most tourists. Here one can simply hang around and take in the delightful array of goods being sold by the shops, from local handicraft items to delightful confectionary goods.

Besides these, there are numerous other places to visit in Mussoorie, depending on your duration of stay here.

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