Mussoorie Hill Station

Mussoorie hill station, like all other hill stations, has a unique place in north India. Cradled at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, it might not have been formed centuries ago, but it has a rich and colorful past as is evident in the numerous sightseeing places in and around the town.

It is known to have been discovered as a shooting ground for sport by a young military British officer, Captain Young and Mr. Sore, the then Superintendent of Revenues and joint Magistrate of Dehradun in the year 1823. They realized the excellent climate that this spot had to offer and set up the initial properties here. The Landour cantonment came up initially as a centre for convalescing British soldiers. As the popularity of this hill resort grew, more and more British and Indians started favoring this area.

Mussoorie Hill Station Mussoorie is a hill station in north India which till today bears signs of its colonial past. Iron railings along the meandering mountain roads, Victorian lamp posts in the Mall area are all reminiscent of the glorious days that this town had witnessed during the reign of the British. Since this town was used as a place of leisure, there are many clubs, hotels and other old buildings which still bear the cultures of the past.

Though it was never an official summer resort of the British, it was a highly favored summer place for them. Sir George Everest after whom the highest peak in the world is named, lived in this town from 1832 to 1860. In the year 1880 the ex-Amir of Afghanistan, Yakub Khan was put under house arrest in this town. Several dignitaries of the country as well as of England have had their summer residences here.

It is of little wonder then that each visiting place in Mussoorie has a tale to tell. While the Gun Hill is the place where a large gun was stationed to be fired everyday at midday to announce the time, Landour cantonment area still remains pristine with its age old Landour Bazaar selling famous silver ware and trinkets. Char Dukaan is the favorite haunt of the author Ruskin Bond who had long made Mussoorie his home and the Savoy Hotel is the place where all famous personalities have holidayed at including the Nehru family.

A Mussoorie tour will reveal these places and lots more. From the Kempty Falls to the Company Garden, one can enjoy trekking activities at Dhanaulti, visit the local deity, Bhadraj’s temple to offer prayer and so forth. In 1959, Dalai Lama led many Tibetans to escape the Chinese occupation of Tibet and initially had settled here before moving on to Dharamshala. The Happy Valley in Mussoorie still remains a place of the Tibetan community here.

Thus, Mussoorie hill station has a rich and intriguing past and has several places worth visiting.

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