Mussoorie Fairs and Festivals

Mussoorie is a favored hill station which is a great holiday destination for most people in India. For those who experience the heat of the plains, the hill stations provide great relief during the summers and in the northern part of the country, Mussoorie is one of the popular hill stations that many people like to vacation at.

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, this hill station commands scenic views of the majestic snow capped Himalayan mountain ranges. The amazing mountain scenery, the pleasant climate makes this hill station one of the most favored hill station destinations in the country.

The most popular tourist season is the summer months in Mussoorie. During this time, the weather is pleasant in contrast to the scorching heat of the plains. Alongside with great weather, Mussoorie fairs and festivals also prove to be great attraction factors for tourists. During the summer months, the summer festival is organized by the Nagar Palika Parishad of Mussoorie. This event is highly regarded by the locals and many events are held during this festival. From cultural parades to debates, seminars, drawing competition, folk dance performances and so forth, the varied cultural events draw high number of tourists to Mussoorie at this time.

Mussoorie Fairs and Festivals Though the autumn months have lesser tourist attraction than summer months, the autumn festival is an important festival amongst the Mussoorie fairs and festivals. The presence of dignitaries such as the Chief Minister, Governor and other ministers raises the importance of this festival further. From roller skating shows, to fireworks, theaters, game competitions and so forth, the autumn festival organized by the Municipal Board is a great attraction for the tourists who visit Mussoorie at this time.

The Bhadraj temple in Mussoorie organizes a local fair during the time of Shravan Sankranti every year. This is usually held in the second or third week of August. Since this is the time of the monsoons, there are very few outsider tourists but whoever is present at this time, this local fair is a colourful and religious event to witness.

The festivals of Uttaranchal are many and the festivals of Mussoorie are very much a part of them. The city of Mussoorie has several communities living here and every kind of religious festival is celebrated here with equal fervor. From Christmas to Durga Puja, one can find every type of festival being celebrated with great fervour and colour.

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