Uttaranchal Tourism

Uttaranchal, located to the north of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, has several places worthy of tourist attraction in its large expanse of territory. From the glaciers in the mountains to heritage cities like Allahabad in the plains, this state offers diverse places for travel and sightseeing.

Needless to say, the hill stations, the glaciers, the pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas as well as the national parks attract more tourists than any other place in Uttaranchal. The number of hill stations which have been developed in this state for tourism are numerous and each has its own unique features to explore and visit.

Uttaranchal Tourism The most numerous are the hill stations in Uttaranchal. Mussoorie leads the way as the Queen of the hills, being one of the most popular hill stations amongst tourists in the North. Located at a height of 2000 m above sea level, Uttaranchal tourism Mussoorie is most developed. From luxurious resorts to holiday packages as well as adventure tours, one is spoilt for choice at this awesome holiday destination.

Other popular hill station destinations in this state include Mukteshwar, Pithoragarh, Lansdowne, Ranikhet amongst others. Lansdowne is a particularly rich natural hill resort to visit with thick oak and pine forests and devoid of the commercial activities of other popular hill stations. Ranikhet, located at an altitude of 1829 m above sea level, is a favored destination for many. With lush greenery and flower filled valleys, this town is well connected to Almora, another hilly destination as well as Nainital. It is the headquarters of the Kumaon regiment. Kausani, Almora, Nainital are other famous hill stations in this state.

There are several world famous glaciers in the northern Uttarkashi district of this state. Since most of the major rivers of North India originate from this state, their origins may be found in the glaciers of the northern most part of the state. Uttaranchal tourism development corporation is responsible for having made these glaciers favored tourist destinations. Due to motorable roads and paths carved out even on the high ranges of the mountains, it is possible for tourists to trekk or drive up to the glacier points and witness the source of great rivers such as the Ganges. Gangotri glacier is the origin of this great river and it is located at a height of nearly 7000 m above sea level. Several other glaciers such as Bunder Punch Glacier, Khatling Glacier, Doonagiri Glacier are amongst the several glaciers located in the northern Himalayas in this state.

Then again, wildlife national reserves are other places of tourist attraction in this state. The wildlife at Garhwal, Jim Corbett National Park are promoted by Uttaranchal tourism for people to witness the dense forests in these areas and the wild life of various species here.

Uttaranchal tourism development corporation also helps to promote various adventurous activities and sports such as white water rafting, trekking, camping, skiing, paragliding amongst others in the state.

Thus, Uttaranchal tourism and Uttaranchal tourism development corporation have lot of travel and tourist worthy places to offer and promote in the state of Uttaranchal.

Visiting Places in Mussoorie

A trip to Mussoorie can be splendid in so many ways. Not only is there the thrill of getting closer to the Himalayas at a height of 2000 m above sea level, this hill station is idyllic for the convenience it provides to tourists who come here to enjoy the excellent weather, breath taking views without having to sacrifice the urban comforts of traveling.

There are various visiting places in Mussoorie. From picturesque view points, waterfalls to gardens, lakes, quant bazaars or just the thrill of walking along wooded mountain paths, this hill station has it all.

Landour cantonment is popular amongst the places to visit in Mussoorie. It is a cantonment area which was established by the British as a centre for convalescing English soldiers. This area is pristine in its peacefulness, located near Mussoorie. This area also houses the 150 year old Landour Bazaar, famous for local handicrafts as well as silverware. Char Dukaan is a popular coffee shop here which is frequented by the famous author Ruskin Bond who is a resident of Mussoorie. The Woodstock school, one of the oldest and internationally acclaimed educational institutions, is also located here.

Visiting Places in Mussoorie Amongst picturesque view point places to visit in Mussoorie, the two highest points here are a must see. While Lal Tibba is the highest point whereby one can get unparalleled view of the Himalayan mountain ranges, Gun Hill is the second highest point which one can reach by an exciting ropeway ride. The place which housed a gun during the British times which was shot every day at noon time to allow Mussoorie residents to adjust their watches, this hill serves as a picturesque view point long after the original gun was silenced.

Happy Valley is the area which was inhabited by the Tibetans when they were fleeing the Chinese occupation of Tibet under the leadership of Dalai Lama. Though they moved on to Dharamshala, a small community of Tibetans may still be found here with quaint stalls offering authentic Tibetan handicrafts for sale.

Amongst the waterfalls in this region, the most famous is the Kempty Falls. Falling from a height of 40 m, this waterfall provides an excellent view while on its way to join the river Yamuna. Bhatta Falls is a smaller fall which attracts lesser tourists but is still beautiful. It is located in Bhatta village 7 km from Mussoorie on the way to Dehradun.

Company garden is another popular spot amongst the tourist places in Mussoorie. Consisting of a wide and beautiful garden and a man made lake with boating facilities, one can do numerous things here such as picnicking, dressing up in local costumes and taking photos and so on.

Dhanaulti is another hill reserve place 25 km from Mussoorie which offers excellent trekking opportunities for adventurous tourists. And for those who are religiously inclined, Nag Devta Temple, Surkanda Devi Temple and Bhadraj Temple are worth visiting because of their location and history.

Thus, the visiting places in Mussoorie are numerous and how many places you can visit depends on your duration of stay in the picturesque hill town of Mussoorie.

Nainital Mussoorie Package

Mussoorie and Nainital are two popular tourism destinations in the state of Uttarakhand. Both being hill stations, they are highly favored as holiday getaways by Indians in the northern part of the country. If you are looking for Nainital Mussoorie package, there are plenty of such packages available amongst the travel and tour operators in the country.

Most of the packages offer a tour of the popular hill stations in the state of Uttarakhand. There are packages including tour of Mussoorie, Nainital and the holy paces of Haridwar, Rishikesh or a combination of Mussoorie, Nainital and other scenic hill towns like Kasauni and Ranikhet.

Nainital Mussoorie Package So why go in for Nainital Mussoorie package? Both these places have their own unique USPs to offer. Mussoorie is a hill station located at the foothills of the Himalayas. At an elevation of 2000 metres above sea level, this hill station offers excellent climate and picturesque mountainous countryside. Discovered as a hill resort near which the Landour containment was set up by the British for convalescing British soldiers, it soon became a favorite summer resort for the British and then the Indians. It still has a colonial touch around the town and places like Gun Hill, Landour Bazaar, Kempty Falls, and Company Gardens have their share of colonial history.

Nainital is a more popular destination since it was the summer capital for the Northern province during the British rule in India. Surrounded by seven hills at the foothills of the Himalayas, this place is known as the Lake District of India. With the Naini Lake being the more prominent amongst all the other five lakes in this district, this picturesque lake town has lots to offer to tourists.

Nainital is the divisional headquarters of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. The famous Naini Lake derived its name from the Hindu mythology legend according to which, Goodess Shakti’s eye fell at this very place on earth. The Naina Devi temple located at the vicinity of this lake is a tribute to the goddess and an important place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. The arial ropeway above the lake offers breathtaking views of the emerald green lake below and the hills around. The lake bridge which divides the town into two distinct parts and the Mall road are amongst the other tourist spots in Nainital.

Hence, Mussoorie and Nainital both are great places to visit. There are various ways of availing of holiday packages including a tour of both these places. Nowadays you can choose from a variety of tour packages which are available on various travel websites. Websites such as uttaranchaltourism.in, nainitaltoursim.com, seasonsindia.com offer several such packages that one can choose to avail and enquire through online forms or by contacting their offices.

Mussoorie Tourism

Mussoorie is a well known destination for many in India. Especially those who live in the northern part of the country and seek ways to escape the summer heat, Mussoorie is one of the favored hill station destinations here.

Mussoorie tourism is thriving business in the state of Uttaranchal. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, this hill station is a city by its own rights due to the development that it has witnessed since its discovery.

Been nothing but a grazing area for cattle where Mansur shrubs were abundantly found from which this place’s name is derived, Mussoorie was first discovered by a British military officer called Captain Young along with the then Superintendent of revenues and Joint Magistrate Mr. Shore. This area not only proved excellent for hunting sport but they soon discovered the mountain climate and surroundings idyllic for a summer resort here. Soon after that, the British started frequenting this hill station and till this day, the evidence of its colonial past remains in many parts of this town.

Mussoorie Tourism Mussoorie travel is one of the most frequent routes. Unlike most hill stations which have varying difficulty in accessibility, in providing transport and good roads for tourists, this hill station is well connected via Dehradun. One can travel to Mussoorie via the railhead at Dehradun which connects it to all parts of the country. good raods link this place to cities like Delhi due to which many people even drive down to Mussoorie or avail of the bus services. Daily flights coming in from Delhi to Dehradun are also availed by many tourists. From Dehradun, Mussoorie travel is a mere 34 km which is easily covered in a span of 2 hrs from Dehradun by availing private taxi or bus services which are available for tourists.

Mussoorie weather is one of the main reasons which attracts tourists to this place. Located at a height of 2000m above sea level at the foothills of the Himalayas, this hill station is an excellent place to rejuvenate. During summer months, this place offers an ideal weather with the maximum temperature rising up to 30 degrees centigrade in the daytime and falling to a minimum of 10 degrees at night.

Mussoorie tourism promoted by Uttaranchal offers variety of holiday packages to tourists. Travel agents can provide such packages from any city in the country and they can include train travel, transportation to and from Mussoorie, stay at a hotel of your choice, fooding, sightseeing and so forth. The hotels in Mussoorie are numerous and they provide amenities at every level to suit the budget and pocket of every traveler.

It is no wonder then that Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination in north India due to its easy accessibility, good roads, excellent climate and the plethora of hotels that can be found at this hill station.

Mussoorie Tourism

Are you planning a trip to Mussoorie? Well, it is quoted to be the Queen of the Hills and not without reason. This scenic hill station, located at the foothills of the Himalayas, offers picturesque views of the snow capped Himalayas on one side with the glistening Doon valley below and the Shiwalik ranges in the south.

This place was first discovered by Captain Young, a British military officer along with Mr. Shore, the then Joint Magistrate and Superintendent of revenue in Dehradun. They soon discovered the exceptional climate of the mountains here along with availability of good sport for hunting. Slowly, the popularity of this hill resort grew. Though it did not become the official summer capital of the British Raj, it remained one of the favored summer getaways of the British and then on, the Indians.

Mussoorie Tourism Mussoorie tourism and travel is preferred by many from all over the country due to the great connectivity of this hill station. The nearest railhead being at Dehradun, one can avail of the numerous train services which connect Dehradun to the rest of the country. From Dehradun, there are a plethora of private taxis as well as Uttaranchal State Transport buses which can take you to Mussoorie, covering the distance of 34 km in a time span of 2 hrs.

Mussoorie weather is idyllic for people from the cities in the nearby plains. While temperatures in cities like Delhi rise upto 40 degrees centigrade or more in summer, the Mussoorie weather offers a pleasant temperature range of thirty to ten degrees centigrade from day to night. Thus, the pleasant weather, combined with the invigorating mountain air and the rich, green landscape of the mountains is enough to attract tourists to Mussoorie from all parts of the country.

There are various Mussoorie travel packages available with travel agents throughout the country. You can choose one as per your tastes and budget and enjoy a hassle free holiday here. The hotels in Mussoorie range from the luxury category to budget hotels, and one can find amenities of every kind to pamper oneself and enjoy a unique holiday experience. There are several hotels and resorts here which offer recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, camping with bonfire nights, yoga and other rejuvenation therapies such as ayurveda, natural spa treatments and so forth.

Thus, Mussoorie has loads to offer to tourists. The town itself has a rich heritage since its colonial past and some of that culture still thrives in its local clubs and the famous personalities who still have their homes here. The Mall with its numerous colorful shops, the ornate iron railings bordering the winding mountain roads, the Victorian street lamps, cosy cafes and picturesque gardens, waterfalls and mountain eco parks, there are lots to enjoy and discover at Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Weather

Mussoorie is a hill station located near Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand. Located at a height of 2000 metres above sea level, this scenic hill station is preferred by many as an ideal hill station getaway from nearby cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh and others.

Mussoorie is a hill station which has grown into a city at the foothills of the Himalayas. From here, one can glimpse the majestic snow capped peaks of the Himalayas on the north east and the Shiwalik ranges in the south as well as the glistening Doon Valley.

Mussoorie Weather Due to its height, it is a popular retreat from the summer heat of the plains for most people. The summer months is the time when Mussoorie remains packed with tourists from all over the country and even abroad. The climate at this time is cool and pleasant, with day time temperatures reaching a maximum of 30 degrees Centigrade and dropping to a minimum of 10 degrees Centigrade at night. This, in contrast with the burning high temperature of the nearby cities which ranges around 40 degrees Centigrade, makes this place an ideal weekend getaway.

The monsoon season commences from late June and carries on till September. Like all other hill stations, Mussoorie also becomes scantily populated at these times. With heavy showers and grey clouds covering the mountains most of the time, the roads become slippery and dangerous for traveling – trekking or driving.

For tourists who come here to enjoy the winter chill, the Mussoorie weather can prove to be quite chilling. Temperature can fall to freezing point and daytime temperature remains around 10 degrees Centigrade. Though it may not snow every year, snow falls do occur in Mussoorie which again has its own attraction for tourists. However, due to sleet and snowfall in winter along with heavy mists, driving conditions remain poor on the roads of Mussoorie and hence, not many travelers come here in winter.

So if you are planning a trip to Mussoorie, be sure to check the Mussoorie weather forecast to accordingly plan for your travel. While on summer trips you might need light woolens during the evenings, you will need heavy woolens and protective gear if you are planning to travel during off season times such as winter or monsoon time.

There are several website which offer Mussoorie weather forecast information online. Sites such as weathercity.com, visitmussoorie.in are sites where one can find updated weather information on Mussoorie.

Sight Seeing in Mussoorie

Are you planning a trip to Mussoorie this summer? Hopefully you have booked your tickets or hotel reservations well in advance since there is heavy rush to this popular hill station during the summer months. This place is ideal for family holidays with the good connectivity of railways, roads and even by air to Dehradun which is the focal point in reaching Mussoorie.

Once you are there, you need to know what are the places to visit in Mussoorie. If you have read and planned in advance, then you can prioritize as per your interests since there are plenty of paces worth sight seeing in Mussoorie.

Sight Seeing in Mussoorie The first point of tourist attraction is the Gun Hill. Located at the second highest point in Mussoorie, this hill housed a gun during British times which used to be fired at mid day every day to allow the residents at Mussoorie to adjust their watches. After the British left India, this gun was silenced and melted to form taps. This hill can be reached by a ropeway of 400m which takes only about four minutes. But on the way the panoramic views of the mountainous countryside is thrilling for most tourists. The way up to Gun hill is a steep, narrow bridle path which again, many hiking tourists prefer to take on by foot.

Kempty Falls is the second most popular tourist spot in this region. Located at a distance of 15 km on the Chakrata road from Mussoorie, this falls offer a breathtaking view. This falls has a height of 40 feet during which it divides into five smaller streams. Discovered by a British officer as a tourist destination around 1835, the name is probably derived from the word “camp tea” since the British used to camp around this area and organize tea parties here. A popular tourist joint now, many small hotels are located in the vicinity of the falls for those who wish to take in the view of the waterfalls more than a couple of hours.

Landour cantonment is one of the oldest places close to Mussoorie which aided much in the development of this town. This cantonment was set up next to this hill resort by the British to avail of the excellent climate here which could help convalescing British soldiers to recover. Located four km from the Mall, this cantonment area is well maintained and free from commercial establishments.

Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie and hence offers breathtaking views, especially of nearby places such as Badrinath, Kedarnath and Banderpunch. Though the hill top is not open to tourists due to the presence of the Indian military, one can view the surrounding mountains at the tower at the edge of the hill top through a telescope located here.

The Mall is a favorite place for most tourists. Here one can simply hang around and take in the delightful array of goods being sold by the shops, from local handicraft items to delightful confectionary goods.

Besides these, there are numerous other places to visit in Mussoorie, depending on your duration of stay here.

Mussoorie to Dehradun

Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station located at the foothills of the Himalayan range in the northern part of the state of Uttarakhand. This area was discovered by Captain Young, a military British officer in the 1820s since when the area became a favored spot for summer getaways and hunting sport for the British. Now Indians from all over the country flock down to enjoy the beautiful climate and scenery that this hill station provides, especially during the summer and spring months.

Initial days in the 19th century, when the railhead at Dehradun was not developed, the only way to reach Mussoorie was through Saharanpur. This town is located 93 km from Mussoorie and hence, was a long distance to travel through winding, mountainous roads to reach this hill destination.

With the advent of the railways to Dehradun as well as the airport built at Jolly Grant near Dehradun, the Dehradun to Mussoorie distance is easily covered and hence has increased the attraction of this popular tourist destination. The Dehradun to Mussoorie distance is 34 km which is covered in a time span of two hours. Mountainous roads but wide and well maintained makes travel easier and fast. The most popular means of transport from Dehradun to Mussoorie are private taxi services. There are also Uttaranchal State transport buses which provide regular services from Dehradun to Mussoorie.

Mussoorie to Dehradun If you are traveling by air, then you could avail of the daily flights which come in from Delhi to Dehradun. Jolly Grant Airport or the Dehradun Airport is located at a distance of 25 km from the city. Located at the footlhills of the Himalayas, this air strip was recently enlarged to accommodate larger aircrafts and since 2008 has daily flights landing at this airport. With a flying time of one hour, this is a popular means of travel and alternative to traveling by road or rail.

There are various trains which connect the various cities all over the country to Dehradun. Distance of Mussoorie from Dehradun being 34 km, most prefer to reach Dehradun by railways and then take a bus or taxi service to Mussoorie. The most popular and regular train service from Delhi to Dehradun is the Shatabdi Express which reaches in a span of five hours.

Thus, there are various means of reaching Dehradun and traveling the distance from Dehradun to Mussoorie. With ample taxi and bus services available as well as well built motorable roads, one can even opt to drive down oneself to this scenic hill station.

Mussoorie Schools

Hill stations have always been the preferred places for setting up educational institutes as well as centers for convalescence. Just as the healthy climate of the mountains proves ideal for rejuvenating ailing patients, the quiet surroundings of hill stations, away from the distractions of city life, makes such places ideal for the education of young minds.

Mussoorie is no exception to this rule. Located at a height of 2000 m above sea level at the foothills of the Himalayas, this place was a favored summer resort of the British during their rule in India. During the British rule, they set up several schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie to provide education for the European children in India. These schools modeled the English Public School system in England.

Mussoorie Schools Wynberg Allen School is one of the oldest educational institutions here, in fact, in the country itself. Set up in 1888, this school upholds a holistic education system for its pupils who come from all communities. With a healthy balance of studies and co-curricular activities, this school offers boarding as well as day scholar facilities. Sessions run from January to December and the school is affiliated to the ICSE examination board of India.

Woodstock School is the only institution in North India to have international recognition. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the US, this school offers American graduate diploma which is recognized for graduate entrance in America. Established in 1854, this school is a Christian, co-educational school with a huge campus sprawling 240 acres of forest land in the heart of Mussoorie. Ideal for expatriate students and teachers, this is one of the highly acclaimed schools in India and south Asia.

Mussoorie International School has affiliation to both ICSE examination board of India as well as the GCE ‘O’ Level examination by the University of Cambridge, U.K. This school offers a a unique blend of Indian values and Western culture and has excellent boarding facilities.

The other famous schools here include the Oak Grove School and the St. George’s College. While the Oak Grove School is run and owned by the Northern Railways and affiliated to the CBSE examination board of India, St. George’s College is an all boys’ institution affiliated to the ICSE examination board of India.

There are many other local schools in Mussoorie which strive to keep up the rich culture and heritage of learning that has been established here for centuries. The international level educational institutions here offer opportunities for Indian students to gain access to global level higher education in different parts of the world.

Mussoorie Packages

Travel is so much more convenient these days. If you are planning to travel to a certain destination, all you need to do is look up your travel agent and find some good bargains on holidays packages available for that place.

Mussoorie is no exception. This hill station, located at a distance of 283 km from Delhi and a mere 34 km from Dehradun, is an exciting hill destination for many during the summer months. The good connectivity of roads and the nearby railhead at Dehradun has made this hill station easily accessible to all. Accordingly, tourism is blooming business in this town and there are several hotels in Mussoorie to suit one’s need and budget.

If you are planning to go to Mussoorie, you would do well to look up the various Mussoorie packages available with various tour operators these days. This removes the hassle of you having to take care of your travel itinerary, transport, sightseeing, lodging and so forth.

Mussoorie Packages Nowadays, travel booking can be done online with the various travel agents having their own online websites to provide the convenience to tourists of booking from the convenience of their own home. All you need to do is find the holiday package that you are looking for amongst the plethora of online travel sites and choose a reliable travel agent or travel website to book your holiday for you.

Nowadays, websites which had started off providing online air ticket booking, have extended their services not only to flights, rail, bus and cab booking but also offer integrated holiday packages. Makemytrip.com is one such reliable website which offers complete Mussoorie tour packages. These are inclusive of return airfare, hotel accommodation, sightseeing, airport transfers as well as breakfast and dinner included in some. Websites on Mussoorie travel like mussooriehotelpackages.com offer details of every type of hotel located in Mussoorie and you can request for reservation by filling in an online form. tripadvisor.in is another beneficial website which provides user reviews on the different hotels in Mussoorie. It helps one to decide where to stay and this website is also linked with makemytrip.com to provide you tour packages.

Thus, there is a plethora of information about Mussoorie tour packages. However, if you are choosing a holiday package through an online website, be sure to check the reliability of the travel agent. User reviews, number of years the travel agent has been operating, customer support contact numbers should be information that you must seek before you decide to book Mussoorie packages online.